Pando tips: How to speed up your browser

Days when internet was merely used for sending or receiving simple texts pages has long gone. Nowadays browsers are over-swamped with video, audio elements, let alone the blockchain mining apps that sucks up the whole data. Unsurprisingly, mainstream browsers have become sluggish under such a weight. Here are some tips from Pando SW browser, to considerably easy your internet problems and speed up your browser:

1. Forget other browsers and install Pando SW Browser. You will be able to enjoy 3–7 times faster browsing speed than other browsers through blocking unnecessary advertisements, scripts, etc. For more details, don’t miss out this video:

2. In case you still decide to have another browser as a backburner, we advise you to run a malware Scan. Before start digging into various tools on how to increase efficiency of your browser, it’s highly recommended to first ensure you don’t have any malware. Simply scan your computer to check there is no nefarious actors running without your knowledge.

3. Remove unnecessary plug-ins and extensions. They take up your data and they can even cause system crashes.

4. Clear cookies and cache. Even though cache is not bad, as it generally serves to speed up your browsing experience, sometimes clearing unwanted cache can even further boost browser’s speed.

5. Close browsing tabs that you no longer use.

6. Install the latest version of your working browser.

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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.