Pando SW Browser’s referral mining

Not too long ago, members of the block chain community could effortlessly mine multiple coins on their PCs daily. However, with the complexity of the mining process and massive amount of new users, it became somewhat inconceivable that participants can solely mine lot of coins using their PCs.

Saying that, it gave a birth to the referral mining concept. Although block chain apps’ devoted users probably know well what is the difference between mining and referral mining, in this article we will once again remind what each of them stand for and introduce Pando SW referral mining.

What is mining?

In the plane words, mining is a reward user gets for time and effort spent on solving particular math problem by own computer. Anyone with a web browser can mine cryptocurrency.

What is referral mining?

Referral mining program uses referral code or link to invite other potential miners or new users and rewards referee certain percentage of the referral contract.

To put in another words, referral codes can be used to induce ecosystem participation through the referral code and the referrer are continuously awarded for their efforts.

Pando’s referral mining

Pando browser has Proof of Software (PoSW) mining that utilizes software such as runtime mining, ad-view mining, referral mining and others. Pando SW mining users will be able not only to mine with various means (Ads view, referral mining on PC, iOS), but also to invite their friends to mine together and get additional coins for their activities.

Mine with us!

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Pando is a web 3.0 browser that has free VPN, mining rewards capabilities. Pando can reward its users with financial rewards.